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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Delavan View Post

You always have a very supportive "little something" to

Well, the 875K seems to performs pretty close to the 2600K...turbo boosts 2.0 gives you 5 extra fps in those games...nice, but nothing like a good OC could achieve...

So Sandy + 1155, really worth the wait compared to 875K ????
I'm sure a lot of people are waiting for those reviews, for different reasons, but mostly to see if it's worth the upgrade from their existing platforms...
From the little I have gathered over at XS these things are going to be beasts. Some people are hitting 4.8 Ghz with the 2500K on 1.1V on AIR! The 2600K is hitting 4.9-5 Ghz on air with low volts. From what I saw clock for clock the 2600K is slightly faster than the current 4 core I7 1366 chips.
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