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Originally Posted by bushwhacker View Post
- you must restart after any/all changes to Apache config file to have them go into effect.
- use IP to avoid DNS issues. I use Zoneedit for free DNS services and loosely monitor my IP for changes (which my ISP avoids doing so they can more easily track useage)
- if you can't see the site by putting the IP into your browser I would look at the router configuration (it's not directing you to the web hosting machine)
- putting your IP into your browser directs you to the router ... where it stops because it is the device with that IP address and the router isn't configured to point to an internal LAN device. (interesting - does it pop up the usename/password dialog box? If it does - put in a complex password in the routers configuration options to be safe!!)
- you will have to change the http porting only IF your ISP is blocking 80 and 8080.
Open Port Check Tool
- you will need a static IP on the web hosting PC
- for port forwarding in the Linksys look here: - Free Help Setting up Your Router or Firewall

OK typing my ISP adress in my browser from lan side pop me the router login/pass pop up dialog box. but not from the wan side (tryed it at school and at a couple friends house)

port was correctly fowarded in the router

port 80 is open and working

my g/f (which is techcian) found the trouble, i forgot to change the LISTEN from the apache config file to LISTEN 192.168.1.XXX

the apache server was only listening is local host and not what the router was redirecting him

its now working and you can see it at

for now its only a beta site or a fixed image t hat show the concept and the last news/ furture activité of the community.

we should have a complete working website in 2-3 month.

Hey Bush can you explain me . i have adns service with my domaine name, shoul di change it for zoneedit or i should use the one i have with my domaine name
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