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Default Adore plasma but.... (G25 thoughts)

Having spent hours at the local shops, I was all set to jump at one of the LCD/LED HDTV's.
Well now that the initial sucker-punch of overly bright and over saturated colours has worn off a little bit, I find I'm leaning towards a plasma solution (Panny G25), but still with a little reservation.
Yes, I love the accurate colour rendition and deep rich blacks with subtle shading and viewing angles common to plasma, but I still have two issues with plasma that I don't find as much forum discussion about.
My primary concern is with the brightness and white levels. If one is watching bright sun reflections an a water surface, the plasma doesn't reflect the light back at you as well as seemingly a LCD/LED might. Similarly stars on a bright clear night or the headlights of vehicles just seem a little bit flat. It seems that everyone discusses black levels (which I agree are very crucial) but white levels and brightness don't seem to be addressed to the same degree.
The other concern I have with plasma is that it often doesn't seem quit as sharp. It's almost as though plasma screen actually does have the perfect image, BUT it's hidden behind a very fine veil.
Don't get me wrong, I still do currently prefer plasma and have based my opinions almost solely on the Panny 46G25. Perhaps another screen like the Samsung PN-50c7000 with firmware update) might suit better as I understand that it is supposed to be a slightly bright panel, but I don't know.
Perhaps other forum contributers with more plasmna experience then myself can shed a little more light (sort of speak) on the issue?
Thanks and Happy holidays to everyone!!!
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