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Wow, you guys are really spending a lot on games. I doubt ya'll even have time to play them all to the fullest. Better off just picking a few really good ones in the bunch and call it a good holiday.

^^ SC2 is probably the best investment I've made this year. Considering how much time I've spent on it, super good deal.

A few other games that I didn't quit after an hour or so this year were:
Just Cause 2
Assassin's Creed 2
Fallout New Vegas
Batman Arkham Asylum
Dragon Age: Origins (a bit late to the party)

No intention of touching these again, but they did their job entertaining. Single player games, so you can't expect much replay value.

On steam, JC2 and AC2 are both on sale for $7.5 and $15 respectively. Discount on AC2 to $12 if you own AC1.
These 2 alone should last the holidays+ if you haven't already played them.
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