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Default Will a new GPU be a big enough jump?

Hello all,

I'm finenaly finishing my computer build. What happend was I started building it a while ago, and then ran out of money and whatnot... you know how it goes. Long story short, the system will be a bit out dated but should be a big increase from my current set up. My bottle neck has always been my processor, which is an E6300 at 1.86 GHz. Upgrading to a Q6600 so that should help a great deal.

Now I am adding a SSD and upgrading to windows 7 as well, which should speed up the system as well as be usable parts in the future. Already have a new Mobo and RAM from when I started working on it.

I have been running an 8800GTS 512mb for a long while. It always seems to give me playable frame rates, but I am curious if it is going to be my new bottle neck? I should have the cash for a new GPU in month or two, and there are some great prices on the GTX 460 1GB. With the budget of $200, and planning on sticking with Nvidia, will the new card be a big enough jump to be worth it at the moment? Or should I wait and see what comes in the new year as I am not in a big rush?

Thanks for the input all, and hopefully I wasn't to long winded heheh.

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