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**UPDATE- as promised**
Well, I eventually DID get a sales rep from NCIX to order the black FC-6 for me, and it's sitting at my local Purolator warehouse waiting for me to pick it up tommorow.
The good news..... looks like NCIX brought in a few more with mine ( but I do mean a few-- online stock checker showing like 4 left or so). Price is $59.99.
The bad news.... error on their webpage lists weight as "22 lbs", so I got nailed on shipping charges. I've sent them an email to fix it & save future customers from overpaying for shipping.

No FC-5's appearing, in fact NCIX lists it as "No longer available". So if the FC-6 can handle your needs at 20 watts per channel, I'd grab one of them fast before the go out of stock for 5 or 6 months again.
Hope this helps someone.
Happy Holidays!!
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