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My System Specs


Ah, so the PA120.2 wouldn't fit top mounted? Is that with the mounting pieces that Silverstone makes or would it be possible to get a little creative? Or is it just flat impossible?

So now, about tubing, I've read a lot of disputes, is there any realistic difference between clear/opaque tubing, and what about tube SIZE, is 1/2" best? God, I thought I knew a few things about computers, but watercooling is a bit over my head I think.

Finally, when I cycle my system for the first time, should my res be out of the system, so it can be high so the air can escape easier or what?

Thanks for all the help so far:).

Edit: What about pumps, whats a nice quality pump? I don't care about sound output, as I mentioned, I have a Freezone Elite in my system, when its going full bore it makes me feel like theres a plane trying to land beside my desk, though it does drop me to sub 20C at idle, which is pretty rad.

An afterthought: is it in any way useful to by a controller card, like the one offered by Koolance? Also, how is Koolances product quality? Worth buying or should I stay away?
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