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Originally Posted by ilya View Post
The Chinese manufacturing is honestly the lesser of many evils, at least a few of them put out quality products, like the new Seasonic facility. Things could be far worse, like those Mexican slave child made Sony's.

Don't even get me started on IKEA, I had an IKEA bed that collapsed while I was sleeping in it. (I'm only ~125lbs, total lightweight)
Geez, that would give some people a heart attack.

And yes, Chinese manufacturing can produce quality equal to anything from any other country. I love my Seasonic psu, btw.

The main problem is that many (most) Western companies whose only real asset is a copyrighted brand name, contract out to Chinese firms for production as only Chinese can own the factories in China. The western companies want products made as cheap as possible, with a bare minimum of quality. The Chinese firms have no long term stake in the success or failure of a foreign brand name, so they cut as many corners as they can so that they can make more money. What do they care if in 10 years, a bunch of western brands like Maytag are damaged beyond repair? It is not like a Western company can sue for damages.

And infact, it might even help Chinese manufacturing long term, once they start developing their own worldwide brands based on quality, and that is coming. I will only buy Seasonic psus now because I trust them. I dont trust companies that contract out their psu production to Chinese firms like cosair, evga, ocz etc, however.

I find China truly amazing. I mean, 35 years ago it was a virtual wasteland because of Mao. And now, China is a juggernaut. It wouldn't surprise me if in another 35 years, they are the new USofA, and Mandarin is the new lingua franca.
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