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Dam Lowfat that's a long wait :(

Yeah, I work in refrigeration so it was easier for me to get into this too.

And yeah if you need it patched up I'm happy to help :) What happened to it?

My sister lives in Calgary :) If it worked out really well, I know my parents are planning a trip out there too. I could try to recruit them to pick it up, though you'd probably have to drop it off to her place. Probably more work than it's worth to save one shipping trip :p

If Ruffus doesn't mind that is. If it's one of his I don't want to step on anyone's toes.

Send me a PM if you like :) I'm out for some Xmas shopping this afternoon (yup, haven't bought a thing yet) but I'll check when I get back :)

I like the cold...
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