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yeah, have a look at the quad compressor I just posted, that's the sort of thing as far as still 'extreme' temperatures, but very quiet operation.

It's actually just 4 coolers that are in the same box, and the condensor is split into 4 channels so making one on it's own is fine with them, and they work on their own so could shut off any or all of them the way it's set up.

Chillers (for water, if I understand you correctly) can easily be set up for that. A basic controller, and especially if you have a larger reservior, keeps the water temp wherever you set it. So you can get the water to stay at or just under ambient to stay away from the condensation problems. Insulation works, but it's a lot easier to work without it.

A very good water cooler can do the same though, hard to to say if it's 'worth it' in terms of the cost of the cooler vs a good water radiator (don't know how close to ambient they'll get these days) but a good cooler can also be pretty quiet if it's made well out of the right parts.

Using multiple small super quiet compressors instead of one larger noisy one is usually the way to go for low noise. It also makes it pretty good on power too. If you get the right controller, there's some that can control multi compressor systems, so it only runs the one for idle work, then switches more on as the load (and temp) increase. An intersting mod, since for some people the cost of daily use can add up.

That large quad is a good example though, each small circuit runs around 100 to 150 watts of power use, or the equiv. of one standard light bulb. Not much, but 24 hours a day can add up so keeping that lower for someone using it all the time gets more important.

But yeah, when it comes down to it, if there's a particular way a person needs a cooler to work, there's always a way to make that happen :) Finding solutions to different needs makes it more interesting as well. I don't often build the same cooler twice (I'm not really into 'production line' thinking) because it's way more fun to take on new and different projects. Keeps it fun, and always a challenge :)

I like the cold...
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