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Yeah, maybe some day if you're into it, could get you over to see 'em. I don't get a lot people coming down to check them out :)

The rotary compressors are noisy, no way around that, but they're more about benchmarks and scores than a daily use kind of thing.

I'm working on another unit that's pretty cool though. I'll have to post it.

I built a 'cage' setup for a 4 compressor system using really small compressors that's really quiet. Set it up for 3 graphics cards and one CPU cooler and it's total noise is around 20db. I'm hoping when I get the panels made up, it blocks the noise and is almost silent.

Not as cold, but the CPU part of it work at -20 or so with 300w (quad core max load) so it's pretty good. The GPU compressors are smaller still, but when they're tuned they should max out around 200 to 225w. That should be enough for a pretty good overclock, and probably run around -5 apiece with that load.

I like to play with both the super cold noisy stuff and the quiet setups too. Both have uses and are interesting in their own way :)

Yeah, I think I'll post that one, it's pretty weird looking to some but it's easy to imagine it on a PC the way it's built.

I like the cold...
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