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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Delavan View Post
Heat not an issue? I wouldn't touch the GTX4** series....
The GTX5**-series refresh is here to prove how 4** was rushed...anyway, this is still a good card.

Although he's looking at spending $200 MAX, I'd go HD6950 for $299 ...runs cooler than GTX470, more powerful, 2GB memory buffer (MIGHT be more future-proof a LITTLE BIT).

I know money doesn't grow up in trees...
yeah, i originally told him to look at that, but he's on a tight budget. I told him when building a gaming system prepare to spend a little bit a money.

When it comes to heat, I love my 480 though, after I replaced the TIM with IC Diamond, when playing games my card never goes over 65 c, mostly sticks around 60-62 c. And idles at 41 c. So I'm happy with it :)
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