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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Rison View Post
With a decent watercooling setup, at 4.0 you should be under 45c... depending on your block/rad of course.
I would hazard a guess you'd be around 1.25-1.3v for 4.0.. but not totally sure on that one.
The 980/970's can run at high OC with little voltage - which is the great thing about them. I haven't had a lot of time to play with the new 980x I bought, it's at 1.35v for 4.0.. but I will be dropping the vcore and testing whenever I get some time on my hands.

Looks like you're gonna wanna take back 3rd place huh? :P

Unless you get a 1.3 VID chip like I did

Even under water I'm seeing 70c on the cores, 62c 'cpu' temp at 4.13 ghz. I have a bit more headroom to go higher, but not with this CPU waterblock and a 580 in the mix methinks. Maybe another order with Daz for a HK3.0 CPU block is in my sights? The wife would probably kill me, since she 'discovered' my 580 block purchase

Chris; with a 'cherry' 1.08 VID, I wouldnt be suprised if you can hit 4.2+ with 'relatively' low volts (maybe 1.2-1.25?). Even with my chip I didnt need to adjust anything but core voltage to hit 4.1. Just play with your Vcore and VTT. I would just quick/dirty it, 1.3 vCore, +150 VTT, and set it to 200x21 turbo off. See what she does
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