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Just set up a i7 970 Folding (SMP only)(no bigadv, the machine I cannot guarantee that it will be kept/left on 24/7 unlike my SR2) on a eVGA X58 Micro. Its being used as a "public computer" and HTPC in my household, hence the no control over its status(though I will try and keep it up and running 24/7 as much as possible).

BCLK = 161
24x Multi + 1x Turbo(25x Multi)
vCore = 1.28125v BIOS(1.33 Actual)
VTT/QPI = 1.3v
RAM = 2:10(1610MHz)

Cooled by a Corsair H70
Core Temps range from 54c-61c

22k PPD on current 6701

Hope that helps!
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