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Originally Posted by David Milch View Post
@ilya: Glad you liked it. In this era of Chinese manufacturing, it's always good to run into a quality product, even if it's just a mouse pad and I'm glad I could share it.

(Ikea Besta entertainment centre, I'm looking at you).
The Chinese manufacturing is honestly the lesser of many evils, at least a few of them put out quality products, like the new Seasonic facility. Things could be far worse, like those Mexican slave child made Sony's.

Don't even get me started on IKEA, I had an IKEA bed that collapsed while I was sleeping in it. (I'm only ~125lbs, total lightweight)

Originally Posted by Slik View Post
How long do gaming pads last? I have one from Alienware and it appears worn out. The surface is not as sooth as it was after only six months.
My Razer cloth pads (the Goliathus line) began to fray and wear down after less than 6 months. Steelseries cloth pads were better, lasted well over a year, almost 2. I prefer the Razers though.
I have a feeling these Artisan pads should last MUCH longer. (it took some sandpaper and a bit of effort to get some invisible fuzzies to show)

Originally Posted by BootlegUsher View Post
Why wouldn't you just buy it through bestdirect? Their service is fine.
BestDirect is a subsidiary of Compu2000 which is a sister company of NCIX. That said, Direct Canada, which is another sister company of NCIX has it for a few cents less. (they use the same address for their main office if that isn't a tell all)

Reasons to buy from NCIX:
-The PM will be approved very quickly. (since it's the money goes to the same people anyhow, the approval happens in minutes in my experience)
-More ways to get to the same quality customer support, even on non working days. (ticket system, callback, email, phone, forums, etc.)
-NCIX points system. (if you actually want them)
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