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Default Thinking About Watercooling - Where To Buy?

So i've been thinking about watercooling for a while now, I like my system but I wouldn't mind cooling my gpu(and might be buying a second sometime soon), my cpu is already taken care of by a Freezone Elite.

What are good quality names? I've heard that Danger Den are the people to see about rads, but what about blocks, pumps and such? Is there any worry about corrosion if I mix alum with copper? And what IS the best coolant, a nice green coolant would look nice with my lighting, but performance is the top concern.

Finally, and most annoying, WHERE can I get the parts? I do most of my shopping through and RB Computing, but neither seem to have a very good selection of cooling parts. Are there any other good stores that ship within Canada, with good prices and selection for WCing?

Any help is appreciated, feeling just a bit overwhelmed by all the options.

Edit: Also, my budget wouldn't be too tight, under $600 is preferred though. Also, internal parts only, and I think the biggest rad I can fit is a double 120mm, can fit in the top fan mounts, case is a Silverstone TJ09.
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