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Originally Posted by m1dget View Post
Think actually 5 seconds (or more if you need) before replying.

What I said is pretty simple: Salesmen do their job -extremely- well.

People usually go in the store, talk to a salesperson and go out with a product in the same day.
Ya but the same can be said for any salesman. You can go into Futureshop and look at Monster HDMI cables and if you didn't know they are overpriced the sales guy could convince you of all there awesomeness and you would buy them not knowing any better.

I'm not questioning the build quality of a Mac or the quality of the components. I am just saying that the number #1 reasons people buy Macs is for the way they look. They don't care that the mac is the same hardware as a PC but priced $700 more. They don't care that Apple sells 2GB ram upgrades for $400 when they cost $50.
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