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Originally Posted by BigDogg View Post
As much as it pains me to say this the asthectics are the number 1 reason people will buy a Mac.
+1 The Truth, that and to fit in a certain image/crowd, its no secret.

Originally Posted by m1dget View Post
Nope so sure about that... go in an Apple store once in your life, look interested in buying a machine, let them show you around the hardware and software and you will understand why most people buy one.
Aesthetics is what apple is all about. Do you think people would buy apple computers if they were ugly? Hell... the vast majority of their customers are just people that just go to check their email/facebook/and type up their essays, they dont know much about the hardware nor do they care, it comes down to looks.

Alot of the pros of a mac mentioned in this thread and many endless threads are aesthetics. The rest of the pros are great, but when it boils down to it, its not a really a showstopper or have much of a wow factor.

(And yes, ive been to the apple store various times, which also LOOKS very nice too, and actually bought a couple of macs, not for myself, but for friends/family )
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