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@ilya: Glad you liked it. In this era of Chinese manufacturing, it's always good to run into a quality product, even if it's just a mouse pad and I'm glad I could share it.

OT: I was talking with my gran a while back when I took her to the mall cause she needed a purse. And she was telling me that products used to be made to last; and not just the stupid expensive things either. Quality was something that was expected. Shoes were made to be resoled, furniture was made to be handed down, etc. When I got home, some of the crap my wife and I have accumulated really stood out. (Ikea Besta entertainment centre, I'm looking at you).

btw, after looking through a bunch of different stores all selling the same cheap industrial stench ridden bags, my gran finally bought a tribal leather handbag from Roots, which was made in Canada. It looks like something that will outlast her.
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