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Originally Posted by YukonTrooper View Post
Speaking of Mass Effect, how did your guys' first game of ME2 end? I destroyed the Collector tech because f*** the Illusive Man. I really enjoyed how his character fleshed out in the game, but his xenaphobia had to be punished. I also sent Legion in through the ducts on the last level because I figured if I lost anybody, it should be the droid opposed to an organic. I also chose Garrus to lead the second team because besides Sheppard, he had the most natural leading skills. Nobody died! Did you guys lose anybody?

I was fairly neutral, leaning Paragon, throughout the game. I think the most Renegade move I made was killing the mechanic so that the vehicle was less of a threat during the Garrus pick up. I also remember pushing the guy off the edge of the tower, but he was a combatant anyways; more of a neutral move.
Send a tech through the tunnels, legion should do, but the best choice is Tali. Garrus is best choice for leader.

Otherwise..I had pure paragon and pure renegade..then I did a playthrough where I had enough paragon and renegade for either conversation options. Boy was that difficult to do

If anyone is playing vanguard, pick up the new "firepower" pack. The geth shotgun is crazy
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