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My System Specs


I'd just like to add to this review, these things simply reek of uber high quality.

I ordered the Kai G3 Hien-Soft in navy blue medium size, courtesy of the heads from the OP. ($7.80 for the pad, $12.80 shipping and handling, USD) It was ordered on the 12th, processed on the 13th, shipped on the 14th and arrived on the 17th. NCIX has it for $27 before taxes/shipping, not to mention Markham takes forever to ship/process. It probably would have taken them twice that time.

When picked it up from the post office, the guy who took it out for me (who I've also known for a long time) just said to me, "Holy crap, what kind of crazy mouse pad did you order?" The packaging, like most Japanese products, probably cost more than the product itself.

The Kai G3 Hien-Soft, IMO isn't the perfect pad for me, but it's still worlds beyond anything other gaming peripheral companies can offer, and will put all my Razer and Steelseries pads into retirement.


-Before I used this pad, I always had to have angle snapping enabled in Setpoint, (I use a G9X) now with the pad, I simply don't need it, tracking is PERFECT, a straight line is a straight line, a mild parabola is a mild parabola. I simply cannot express with words the PERFECTION of the tracking.

-The surface of the pad also provides incredibly smooth glide for my mouse, sometimes a little too smooth.

-The mouse pad bottom is incredibly "sticky," it doesn't shift or move out of place at all.

-After a quick chaffing test, the edge of the mouse pad does fray a tiny bit, but the stitching along the edges is so tightly knit that the pad will never deteriorate past the edges.

-The soft pad feels like an expensive mattress, there's a bit of softness and give at first, but it's very firm at the same time.

-Each pad is inspected individually THREE times before shipping out. (that's what the seals on the packing list appear to say at least, I'm not Japanese though, could be wrong)

-Packaging is pointlessly well done, 3 layers of packaging material. (bubble wrap and stiff cardboard)


-The surface, as advertised, requires a fairly low initial motion to move the mouse, so it takes some getting used to. I often have issues with making the mouse physically jump backwards after a horizontal swing, but this is due to my habit of overcompensating for poor tracking.
More weight/pressure placed on the mouse reduces this issue significantly though.

-It's a real pain shifting the pad into a different position without lifting the entire pad, it's just that "grippy."

-The stitching on this pad is so tight, that the outside edges of the pad curve up a little. (at least on my pad) It's not an issue unless you need to use the entire mousing surface all the way to the corners though. In which case you should have bought the large pad.

-This specific pad seems to be designed solely for FPS gamers, the horizontal and diagonal movement is fairly frictionless, while the vertical movement creates audible friction. (a quiet scratchy sound) It's still very good for RPGs, but might be a bad choice for serious RTS gamers.
However, after some thought, vertical sensitivity is the same as horizontal sensitivity on most mice. It's adjustable on some products such as my G9X, but with widescreens or "shortscreens" dominating the market, it does make sense to increase vertical friction on the pad. However most RTS games won't benefit from this feature as they typically use a bird's eye view. It would seriously benefit any first person/third person view though.

Overall, this specific pad really hits the spot for most gamers and even some professionals, I can't wait to see what this company comes out with to fit all the different market niches. (after their glass pads that is)

Thanks again to David Milch for the great deal and for Gup Japan (or Grow Up Japan) for making such an amazing product.
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