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My System Specs


Seems your getting caught up in a lot of the marketing BS. Which is understandable though because they push it so heavily and it makes things down right confusing.

Basically any DDR3 RAM should work with your motherboard. I rarely ever have RAM that's listed on the QVL for the motherboard and haven't had any issues. Going from 8GB to 16GB or DDR3-1600 to DDR3-2000 is going to show 0 FPS gain. You gain FPS from better a video card card or CPU.

Going with 4x2GB is fine as well, since it's unlikely that you'll need more than 8GB for gaming. If you were doing some heavy multitasking, like the full Adobe suite or AutoCAD, then you may need more than 8GB.

A well-built 850W, like the Corsair models I suggested, will handle any setup IMO. They deliver power beyond their specs in most cases too. But if you want 1kW, that's fine. I'd just avoid Kingwin. Stick to Antec, Seasonic, Corsair, PC Power & Cooling.

And as others have said, there's no real benefit to having games on a SSD. It's more for booting Windows faster and having applications open instantly. Games definitely don't benefit much, if at all, from my experience with my Vertex 2 120GB. They all reside on my RAID5 array of 3xSamsung F1 1TB drives.
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