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The part you explained about the GPS unit crashing everything USB on your machine sounds like a PSU (on the +5V line) or motherboard issue. It sounds like something's not delivering enough current on the +5V line, or delivering a dirty +5V. A multimeter won't help you much anyway because what's probably crashing everything is spikes on the line that a multimeter can't see.

Try all of your peripherals (headset, the GPS, etc) on another PC just to be sure that you don't have a bugged peripheral as well. If all that works, then you're looking at a power supply or motherboard replacement. I'm thinking power supply and not motherboard is the problem though, since it's a lot easier for a power supply to kill a hard drive (by sending spikes or overvoltage through the power cable) that it is for a motherboard to do the same, as its only connection to the hard drive is the SATA signal cable.
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