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Originally Posted by sswilson View Post
What he said..... :) (Although, highest possible FSB doesn't necessarily mean all that much on a S939 proc, it just gives you an idea of what your max is).

Yeah it actually doesn't mean big thing on 775S too. Well, actually some ppls will tell you that it is... It's just good so that you know whats your max and because, like i said above, sometime using smaller CPU multi (with of course higher FSB) might get you more stable on certain config. For example, with my pour clocking X6800 it would not even be stable at 3.6Ghz (11x328) with 1.5v! And now it's stable with 1.4750v and 10x360

Originally Posted by sswilson View Post
Keep in mind that with S939 the mem divider is your friend, and that for real world performance cpu clock speed trumps mem clock speed every time.
And that is true

I bought a E6600 that is sitting on my desk ATM. I bought it from a cool guy and the stepping and batch on that E6600 are proved to be some high overclockable chips! So, today im hooking it under my Apogee WB and ill try to see in the next days how far i can go with it. The guy that had it said that he ran it with 1.4v 9x400 = 3.6Ghz stable! Damn! 1.4v! Thats sweet but he also said that the chip run HOT!
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