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Originally Posted by Perineum View Post
I would guess it's not enough voltage to run it like that. You might already be maxed out for voltage, however.

I would reset your BIOS, then unlock to quad core with 1.5v If that's stable with at least 8 hours of 2 x Orthos (using processor affinity so that all 4 cores are used) then I would work on an overclock.
Reseting the bios might make the 4th core work ? If i unlock to quad it doesnt boot ( bsod when loading win7 x86 )

And second, my proc cannot be unlocked at this state on quad core, as i said i am currently having connected only 4 pins + 24 pins instead of 8 pins + 24 pins . This might alter the unlocking state .

Thanks Perineum .
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