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My System Specs

Smile GTX 570, GTX 460 1GB SLI or AMD alternative(s)?

Well, this spring or so I plan to build a PC. The primary use of this computer will be gaming. I am wanting to play games at 1920x1080 with all settings maxed out and get close to the 60 FPS mark.

I'll be playing WoW, Guild Wars 2, Dragon Age 2, Oblivion and the new Elder Scrolls game, Battlefield 2, Bad Company 2, A bunch of other free games, Black Ops, TF2, The Left 4 dead games, Company of heroes and so on.

What I'm looking for is pure performance at maxed out settings, I am going to overclock the card(s) as high as they will go. I don't mind having 2 cards, but what I'm looking to spend on Graphics cards is $350-$400

Should I get The 460 1GB SLI, the 570, or an alternative to the Nvidia cards? thanks :P
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