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My System Specs


Got my EK 580 block yesterday, did a rig teardown, install, and cleaning today.

Before I was hitting about 85-88 load at 850mhz 1.038vCore . After the waterblock? A chilly 50c running at 960/1.138Vcore! But the best part? No more blower fan whine

Now, the temp does go up to about 55c if I'm running 100% CPU and GPU (folding both) since it is in the same loop as my 970. Might be time to consider another rad or a better set up, too. My CPU went up 5c adding this card to my loop. Seems an OC of the CPU and GPU to its max is just about all this setup can handle, and is actually limiting my overclocks any further. CPU is at 65c (Cores at just under 80c) so I really cant go any higher with the volts or overclock.
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