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Well i'd be happy to help you with all your questions... but we'll need to get into some more specifics first. For example, how much are you willing to spend on your htpc system? I once worked for a certain montreal computer store and have built probably over a dozen different HTPC's ranging from $400 simple simple ones all the way to a $2500 one i built for a friend of mine with high-end components.

- Any audio signal processors I want as a separate box in the event the PC cant handle this part
I can help you already with the sound card though. I would take a long look at some of the older Audigy series from Creative (can be found used on ebay for cheap). I personally have an Audigy 2 ZS Pro Platinum which has an external decoder box with S/PDIF and Fiber-Optic audio outputs. That same sound card can decode just about every audio type save the newest HD formats (DD+, etc), meaning it'll handle your Dolby Digital and DTS-EX 7.1 surround sound without a problem.

Hope it helps! Give me some more info to work with, hehe.
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