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Never come across a FAQ that I really liked, even when written by those extremely knowledgeable in the ways of water cooling. They start out with the best of intentions, but within a few paragraphs, they're throwing around jargon and brand names, expecting it to all make sense. I dunno, maybe I just haven't found the good ones yet.

I suppose someone should probably make one for here. Isn't a computer enthusiast forum required by law to have a WC-ing FAQ?

Honestly, probably the best way to learn about WC-ing is to haunt forums and read everything that's going on. Sooner or later, it eventually starts to really click. Might take some serious time, though. Browse pictures of other people's rigs, even send them questions about how/why they did certain things. WC'ers are often abnormally proud of their rigs and happy to talk about them to anyone who will listen. And of course, post questions, and any self-respecting forum will be happy to answer them to the best of their ability and knowledge.

Edit: A water-cooling sub-forum! Great! But when did that happen? I didn't even realize it until after I posted!
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