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Originally Posted by grinder View Post
does the netbook find any wireless networks? at home, work or on the road?

not to make you look silly, but laptops/netbooks with wifi have up to 3 on/off toggle switches to enable/disable the wifi network. You may be aware of these already, but you did not clearly state if the netbook was able to see YOUR wireless network, or ANY wireless networks at all.

1) a hard on/off button
2) a soft on/off button (like feature key + 4 on your keyboard or something like that)
3) enabling and disabling the wifi adapter in your network connection properties (windows Networking and Sharing center)

just making sure the basics are covered before going wild on your home wifi setup! ;)
Yes sorry, it does see other networks just fine, and it tethers with bluetooth as well. I've also tried disabling bluetooth and seeing if that helps, but nothing changed.

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