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Default HTPC/Home theatre build... need lots of advice

To start off with I'd like to apologize in advance as this will probably turn into a, if it isn't already, a long boring thread about someone who knows nothing of the subject.

I want a HTPC but know nothing about home theatre systems, I have nothing to build on and am starting from scratch. I've heard of what they can do and it's got me interested. To add to that tonight sitting down stairs watching the hockey game my wife expressed that she didn't like our 27" GAOO and we should look into getting a 46" LCD. I tried to act disinterested to throw the scent off. Life is hard sometimes.

I feel like a tit not even knowing what questions I should be asking so I'll start off with what I hope the end product to be and hopefully fill in the blanks.

- I want the PC to be the central hub of everything run off some fancy kick ass remote
- I am on Rogers digital cable and though I don't have an HD box yet I will for this setup
- Any audio signal processors I want as a separate box in the event the PC cant handle this part
- I plan to build my own speakers and amps with the output's given by above. I know it sounds like idiocy but I do know a bit about both subjects. I want the signal processor to do all the "work" and then I'll give that signal to an amp that is basically the proverbial "straight wire with gain".

So what do I need or more appropriately where do I start? How much computer do I need? I have a 2500+ Barton collecting dust on an NF7-S but I somehow feel that might not be enough power.

I'm sure I've left out a lot of important details but I don't know what they are.
Thanks for any help in advence,
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