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Originally Posted by sswilson View Post
I doubt it will change the values of current WUs, but the scaling from performance on a 460 to a 480 should prove beneficial to 480 owners. :)

I predict my OC'd 450s will be putting out 10.5, but won't know for 2+ hours.... ;)

I agree. I just snagged one on my 580...TPF 1:04, same as the 6811's. Better PPD for sure, the WU is worth about 150 more points on completion.

Just pulled PPD. It works out to be the same as the 6811's, 18k ppd...It doesnt seem to be stressing the card as much as the 6811's, the card is running cooler. That being said this will probably be a good WU for the 450/460's then when directly compared to the 6800/6811 WU's since they upped the point value vs them.

Edit: CPU usage is down, but not much. Pulls about 1.5% on my 970.
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