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My System Specs


Dual CPU MacPro. :P
but it needs more modern GFX cards... and more 5.25" bays... and more PCI-E 16x slots...

*Edit, ohey! wait a min! Who said it had to be a new thing?

Power Mac 9600 w/ 350MHz PPC604(stock)...(or a ZIF carrier holding a 500MHz PPC 750(G3) as an upgrade), 1.5GB 5v 168pin FPM DIMMs, Radeon (orig or 7000), 10/100 NIC, 20GB+ SSD on bootable SATA card... Running Mac OS 7.6.1!

Not stock like that of course. :P No Radeons or G3s or SATA in 1997!

OOORRrrrr from summer 93(with upgrades)
Macintosh Quadra 840av, 40MHz Motorola 68040(stock), 128MB 72pin SIMMs, 4MB VRAM, FWB Jackhammer(SCSI NuBus card) w/ SCSI->IDE adaptor and then an IDE->CF adaptor with 16GB 266x(or more) Compact Flash card, ethernet NuBus card.
Also running Mac OS 7.6.1!
What a mean box to run the Marathon trilogy on!! :D:D:D:D

*MoarEdit (copied from another post I made on p19)
Apple started making PDAs in 1993(I have the first model :P)
They had digital cameras, laser and inkjet printers, scanners; they even made a CD player and were dabbling in a phone/fax unit! Also had their own console out, the Pippin.

And all of this other stuff got killed by Steve Jobs when he returned. Then he was praised for the iMac(that he had no real part in designing) and the iPod..

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