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Default Help Me Push My X2 3800+

So I need all you guys' help.

I want to push my X2 3800+ past what I have it now but I want to know where the thresholds are.

Right now I have everything running at the following:

Corsair XMS 4000-PT running at: 520Mhz DDR (260Mhz X2) on 2.64V

CPU / FSB at 1:1 meaning....

AMD X2 3800+ running at: 2.6Ghz on 1.425V using a AC Freezer 64Pro

CPU Idle temp: 25*
CPU Load Temp: 33*

What is the max voltage I can push through the processor or am I already pushing it with 1.425V?

I have safely booted and benched the system at 2.7Ghz (1:1 with 540Mhz on the memory) but I want to get it past that.

My mobo is a DFI Lanparty SLI DR Expert with the latest BIOS.

Let's make this a community exercise of helping me get my processor past 2.7Ghz. I'll post pictures of achievements and regular updates.
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