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My System Specs


Ya dan I routinely see you pushing WD hard drives, just because of an isolated batch of HDD's from Seagate was affected. wth bro! I actually have two of the 7200.11 hard drives and they are still working fine to this day. I seem to think one of them was from the infected batch but I could be wrong, and not opening my case up for this thread! Not saying WD makes good drives but you can't ignore others if they are on sale for a nice price. I think Seagate did make a bad move, however, by dropping their Warranty from 5 years to 3 years and coincidently, right at the same time WD started offering 5 year warranty on their Black line.

For the op, if you need more storage space nowthen go ahead and buy them now. If you can wait longer, then wait because you have a better chance at getting a lower price on the same drive capacity you're looking at. That's how I see it when buying HDD's; and technically it applies to buying ANY piece of technology. Since you have a new limit on your bandwidth from you ISP, I'm guessing you could wait :)
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