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Originally Posted by _dangtx_ View Post
well, due to technological and manufacturing advantages, makinga 2tb now is probably as costly as making a 500gb a few years ago so pricing reflects that, to an extent.

spoke to a dude who ordered 2tb hitachi's bulk under 50 bucks a pop.

Its just as cheap to make a 250GB as a 500G as a 750GB 750GB platters have just come out.
So nope, the 2TB do cost more than the smaller ones. With that being said I wouldnt be surprised to see them get a tad cheaper by the end of Q1 2011. A great boxing/xmas/end of the world/etc sale may pop up (at least IM hoping they do) and we see them get down to 75 bucks for the 2TB'ers from Seagate and / or WD...but I dont think they will get much below 80 -85 bucks this year.
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