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Speaking of Mass Effect, how did your guys' first game of ME2 end? I destroyed the Collector tech because f*** the Illusive Man. I really enjoyed how his character fleshed out in the game, but his xenaphobia had to be punished. I also sent Legion in through the ducts on the last level because I figured if I lost anybody, it should be the droid opposed to an organic. I also chose Garrus to lead the second team because besides Sheppard, he had the most natural leading skills. Nobody died! Did you guys lose anybody?

I was fairly neutral, leaning Paragon, throughout the game. I think the most Renegade move I made was killing the mechanic so that the vehicle was less of a threat during the Garrus pick up. I also remember pushing the guy off the edge of the tower, but he was a combatant anyways; more of a neutral move.
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