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Bit of an update here guys.

Adding: HawX 2 and F1 2010. The "How To" benchmarking guides with videos and / or config files will be posted tonight or tomorrow. For all you conspiracy theorists, this boils down to one NVIDIA-centric game and one AMD-centric game. It should even the playing field a bit for the nit-pickers out there.

Removing: Starcraft 2

The reasons for removing SC2 should be self-evident. First and foremost, the numerous updates Blizzard releases make past replays incompatible with the latest version of the game. Since we make it a point to use the latest version of the game engine for all reviews and benchmarks, this situation has made benching SC2 next to impossible as it necessitates the re-creation of replays and re-benchmarking of cards all too often. In addition, this game is in no way taxing to a modern graphics card unless you implement control-panel and quite often buggy AA routines. I find benchmarking time will be much better spent with other games.

I also want to mention that this move brings us one step closer to eliminating ALL DX9 and DX10 games from the benchmarking process. In the early part of next year, I intend to have a DX11-only game lineup. The days of benchmarking today's GPUs on yesterday's game technologies are coming to a close.

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