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I just recently completed a new play through of ME and ME2 with all of the DLC's and I believe I got every 100% completion on both. Of course doing that full play through has made me want to play ME3 just that much more.

Really as long as I can take my Shepard into ME3 and have my decisions made before truly affect that world, I'll be happy. I know I have done my best to befriend many races and would love to be able to get all of them to my side in the final fight. You know, Turrians, Quarians, Krogens, Asari, Geth, and all the rest.

But there is one thing I'm hoping for, I want a fight, a truly epic battle. Kind of like the suicide mission in ME2, but on a much larger scale. And I want to be able to fight beside more than just 2 people. Don't get me wrong I don't care about controlling them per-say, but would love to go into a fight with Grunt, Wrex, Tali, Ashley, Liara, Garrus, and all of the rest in one giant battle. I want that feeling of accomplishment when I finish it, very much like in ME2 but just taken to the next level. I don't know how to beat a enemy like the Reapers, but I'm sure we could leverage the military strength of the Turrians and the shear power of the Krogens to help accomplish the goals.

Remember I know the reapers are obviously attacking earth but their goal is to wipe away all organic life, so hopefully I can get the council on my side for once.
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