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My System Specs


Multi GPU Scores ARE representable (for ATI anyway)

1. ATI crossfire is working superb I would say, I ran GPU-Z and it was loading all 3 GPU's at near 100% before the latest 10.11 CAP 4 (which improved crossfire performance), after that crossfire performance improved.
Ok....I've been conversing with some ATI users stating they aren't getting the full pull from thier Cards.......if you are getting Max performance then perhaps the ATI Drivers aren't optimized yet, as that seems low for 1 x 5970, 1 x 5870 and 980X OC'd doesn't it ?
Nvidia SLI? I dunno, my other rig is only a single GTX 480
I can confirm, unless you are using "hacked" Quaddro Drivers MK11 is only running single GPU......and the hacked Drivers are still not representative, I'm sure he next nv Drivers will have this addressed ;)

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