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Originally Posted by rjbarker View Post
Single Card results sure......but Multi GPU Scores are not really representable at this point for a few reasons:
1. ATI Cards, although MK11 recognizing Multi Cards, how much are the Multi Cards being utilized?...
2. NV Multi Cards are only being utilized with "hacked" Quadro Drivers
3. Another nvcp "hack" to recognize Multi Cards

No point in anyone with Multi Cards getting too wound up over these Multi Card scores until Drivers mature and we're all on the same page.....I've sen a Multi Card score as high as P14K with Tri SLi 480's....again, a Hacked Driver.
Multi GPU Scores ARE representable (for ATI anyway)

1. ATI crossfire is working superb I would say, I ran GPU-Z and it was loading all 3 GPU's at near 100% before the latest 10.11 CAP 4 (which improved crossfire performance), after that crossfire performance improved.

Nvidia SLI? I dunno, my other rig is only a single GTX 480
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