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My System Specs

Default E8400 + Folding = OMG...

I've set aside temporarely my quest of finding the max. stable FSB of the Maximus Extreme / E8400 combo, and decided to start folding. And since I was too lazy to install VMware / Ubuntu the folding is done using dual Win SMP instances...

The E8400 is running at 9x445 (4.0GHz), while the Ram is at 760MHz (1520MHz).

(ppd: 4800... now, compared to my Q6600s - which are averaging 4760 ppd @ 3.6GHz...) ---> forget about those numbers, here are the real ones:

ppd: 2600 with dual SMP clients under Win, while the Q6600s are averaging 4760 ppd @ 3.6GHz w/ VMware, Ubuntu and dual Linux FAH clients.

(This is one amazing chip.) Well, it is but nowhere near what I thought I saw last night. I will surely install VMware this week-end and dual Linux instances to compare ppds.

Sorry for the huge mistake.
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