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If we could only develop a computer that's powered by hype, there'd be an endless supply... And I think the fanboys power the game companies to supply the hype. Perpetual motion

It's possible that a GOOD multiplayer by BioWare might be well timed. Between Infinity Ward's and Treyarch's alternating Call of Duty series, the fallout (and lawsuit) between IW and Activision, there could be a gap for a multiplayer coming up next year. I was reading that Black Ops sold over 8 million copies in one month. A lot of people would want a slice of that pie if there's a vacancy coming up.

I thought Killzone 2 had some good ideas for multiplayer, plus regional servers and large maps. Uncharted 2 brought in some good ideas as well. But neither had quite the right combination of weapon selection/options that COD offered.
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