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My System Specs


Watercooling is definitely expensive, but the biggest Pro to me is the silence. I have 2 Overclocked video cards and a 930 @ 4.0 and the PC can barely be heard in a silent room. In fact, once I am about 10 feet away it is inaudible.

In my basement here in Alberta, I have 18*C winter and 21*C average ambient temps. My old Q6600 actually idles at about 22* with an EK Supreme HF and 2x120 rad.
Oh, and no killer bugs or snakes lol. But shoveling 18 inches of snow today sucked.
MSI GT72 6QE-033US - 6700HQ, GTX980M, 1080p G-Sync IPS, 16GB DDR4, 1TB Evo 850 SSD, 256GB Toshiba SSD, 2TB Barracuda, BD-Rom/DVD-RW
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