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My System Specs


llama, I meant things related to electronics in general as well as PCs. So, like service manuals, mags with hardware reviews, game reviews, etc. All that nice equipment can really.. uh.. bring you to attention.. if you know what I mean. :P And of course you would not want to get too excited and end up distracted and needing to clean your board now would you.

Do not go at your board with a soldering iron to replace the standby power LED or other such component until you have extensively tested it in case it is DOA or has other issues.

Do use RivaTuner 2.08 or higher to properly control the fan speed of a Radeon 38x0's stock cooler unless you intend to get an aftermarket one. (These cards have completely borked fan controlling sections of their BIOSes. AMD must have been on crack judging by the things they did to the reference BIOS.)

Do not twist the snot out of your cables or pinch them. Be gentle and keep the radius of bends at no less than 0.5CM if possible.(for individual wires like front panel, PSU, etc. larger groups will need more.)

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