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Default DO's and DON'T's of PC Building

Here's the "What to DO and NOT DO when building a PC."

Please, post whatever you can think of and I will add it to the first post.

When building a PC, DO:

• ...remove all children and pets from the room and contain them somewhere else for the duration of assembly and testing.

• ...keep beverages as well as greasy/slimy/etc foods away while assembling.

• ...keep all pornographic material away from yourself during build! (Things like electronics and PC/gaming mags/catalogs and such, except any how-to's you might need. )

• ...discharge the static electricity in your body by holding your power supply or a large piece of bare metal inside your case for a few seconds.

• ...make sure you have sufficient lighting and can see what you are doing.

• ...use the correct tools for the job. (Which will usually mean a Phillips No.1 screwdriver.)

• ...unplug the power cord and push the power button to discharge the capacitors in the PSU.

• ...ensure you remove the metal tab on your case below the PCI-E slot when installing a GPU with a cooler that vents out the back of the case.

• the manual...please...I don't know how many times people screw something up and fry something, which could have been avoided by just skimming through the manual.

• ...make sure the grounding tabs on the I/O shield are touching the according I/O port.

• ...use RivaTuner 2.08 or higher to properly control the fan speed of a Radeon 38x0's stock cooler unless you intend to get an aftermarket one. (These cards have completely borked fan controlling sections of their BIOSes. AMD must have been on crack judging by the things they did to the reference BIOS.)

• ...leave your settings at stock until after you've got the OS installed.

• ...keep you work space organized, new parts going in go "here", used parts coming out of rig go "there". ( I once sat on a MOBO when I ran out of room, -Supergrover)

• ...wash your hands with soap! before beginning a new build. (Make sure they are completely dry (and static free) before you commence to build!)

• ...check all plugs are secure before hitting the power button for the first time.

• ...take lots of pictures!

• ...have fun!

• ...[when watercooling] leak test your loop.

• ...make sure you have a USB Stick or a Floppy Drive for Bios Flashes and RAID Installations.

• ...go forum hunting on all the products you are installing in case a product is shipped out without proper accessories (Sapphire 3870 x 2- 8-pin Molex cable)

• ...make an attempt to learn how to build a PC. (read online guides, past posts, motherboard manual, and more!)

• ...always think of all the problems you can run into with your specific part combination. (e.g. Google your motherboard model and video card with keywords: problems, issues, and incompatibility.)

• ...make a specific list of what you'd want in a pc before requesting someone to make you a list of parts. (e.g gaming at 80fps on high resolutions, e-sata, overclocking, Home Theater capability, and etc.)

• ...purchase your parts at a local shop since it will be easier to exchange and refund unless you're the most patient person in the world.

• ...use proper grammar and punctuation when asking for help on an internet forum. (no 1 wil wnt 2 halp u if u tawk liek a reetardede fiev yeere olde................u no wht am seyen?!?!?!; 0R 1F Y0|_| 41\/\/4Y5 5P34|< 1|\| 1337!!!!1!!1!!!!!one!!!!ELEVEN!!!!!!1!!!!!!one1one !!!1@@)

• ...WAIT! until after you have installed your OS to begin overclocking.

• ...RTFM!!! :rtfm:

• ...consider the order in which you put things in. If it's a small case, think about what needs to go in first. I.E., don't put in HDD's until you know where the video card is going to extend to.

• ...consider a plan for cable management before you build.

• ...consider airflow! Will stacking HDD's in front of your intake fan impede airflow to the video card? *Gasp* Perhaps!

• your rig outside of the case first. This allows you to identify any DOA parts without worrying about whether shorts, etc are to blame.

When building a PC, DO NOT:

• your PC while standing on carpet.

• ...keep any beverages as well as greasy/slimy/etc foods with you while assembling.

• TV or do other things while assembling your PC, concentrate on what you are doing until it's done.

• ...forget to install the motherboard stand-offs in the case!

• ...allow your dog to think RAM is a chew toy. (It wouldn't be very chewy, and it would make a rather expensive chew toy.)

• parts of the computer because they are called "chips."

• ...go at your board with a soldering iron to replace the standby power LED or other such component until you have extensively tested it in case it is DOA or has other issues.

• ...twist the snot out of your cables or pinch them. Be gentle and keep the radius of bends at no less than 0.5CM if possible.(for individual wires like front panel, PSU, etc. larger groups will need more.)

• on your PC on the kitchen/dining room table (if you're married, in a relationship, or live at home with mom)...if you value your life.

• ...rush... take your time, it's worth it.

• ...assemble your PC at 1:00AM (late at night)...make sure that you are well rested and take your time with everything you do.

• ...keep a hammer or other tools in your sight. (I tend to smash things when I'm angry.. -omgwtf)

• ...use Facial tissue (i.e. a "Kleenex") to check to see how strong a fan is when the side panel of your computer case is off or open......... talk about a horrible sound! (I think I am still finding pieces of it inside the case!, -frosty)

• ...use a can of compressed air to clean out the dust from a case when your face is still inside.

• ...apply thermal compound with a small paintbrush.

• ...try to have your system post with 12v P4 ATX connector stuffed beside your 20-pin power supply connector on your motherboard to get the necessary 24 pins!

• ...check the CFM rating of a Vantec Tornado by sticking your finger in it while it's on! (Stitches ensue... )

• ...attach the side panel back on until at least 20 minutes after you "think" you're done installing/assembling everything, benchmarking, and overclocking. (Unless you feel like taking it on and off and on and off fifty thousand times.)

• ...rely on a forum as your tech support for your all your problems with parts... the manufacturers have a knowledge base, FAQ, and a phone line to address your issues!

• anything fancy until you've confirmed stability and performance with memtest and the usuals.

• ...assume building a PC is easy. It requires a lot of dexterity and a lot of time during your first build.

• ...insult others for not responding to your "Hardware Related Problem" post in 2 minutes.

• ...ignore past posts with similar problems and hardware. (THE SEARCH BUTTON EXISTS FOR A REASON!!!)

• with a partner, its a tiny enough space,your hands are already too big, don't go adding another pair.

• ...over tighten screws. This is a computer, not an engine. It won't fall apart if you don't torque all the screws to 70ft/lbs.

• ...leave any loose screws in the case, if they fall in. Get one in behind the motherboard and it could short out your system.

• ...force the heat sink! If you can't get it on with moderate pressure, take it off and look at how it mounts REALLY REALLY CAREFULLY.. Heat sinks take some force, but not as much as you might be giving it if you're not doing it right.

• ...get your heart set on having it work right away. Chances are it won't.

• ...cut corners! Don't leave out any details. That said, make sure it all works before putting on the finishing touches.

Post your own and they shall be added to the list!

Post your own and they shall be added to the list!
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