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Post 6 Months With the Lachesis........


Let me say this to begin with..........

When this mouse was shipped to be sold, IT WAS NOT READY!

First, if you get the mouse and its at firmware version 1.0 then the mouse will jump on its own, i mean not because your moving it or you dont own a proper mouse pad, no, it really moves on its own. This is a well known problem documented all over the internet. Also well documented is that with some old bios the mouse will actually not boot up so you have to unplug then plug it back in for it to work.

Second, if you have read reviews about Razer product on the internet you probably had a hard time finding a positive one and this is because razer ships their products when it isint ready to be shipped and then let us (lucky beta testers) test their products for them and then releases firmware updates. Also concerning their support, well theres a number, theres an e-mail and theres even a phone number!, but good luck trying to get a response from any of those sources.

Third, things you need to know about the mouse, you can view a picture of it on to see that yes it is in fact bulky and also has a weird shape wich i like but you still can hold it pretty nicely in your hand but by holding it properly makes the side buttons (on the right or left side depending what hand you use) useless since you will certainly press them without on purpose during a game wich is a real pain in the *** so i have disabled them to play games. Concluding the shape of the mouse, it is made to hold either from the right handed or left handed users wich is nice and although your fingers dont reach the very end of the mouse buttons after a week or two the buttons gets easy to press so if you havent heard that this mouse buttons are hard to press then you will not notice it.


A bit longer and wider than a normal mouse, my guess is that they made it this big so that light or movement next to the mouse will not interfere with the 3G laser.

Solid thick soft plastic under and satin coat thick slip proof top to help holding the beast.

Buttons are really sturdy and you can really feel the quality that it is made of, even the middle button is thick and slip proof (made of semi soft rubber with grip lines)

The mouse has teflon feet wich slides extremely well on my 20$ allsop half teflon half alluminium mouse pad wich i bought at futureshop but you can also use the razer exactmat for more precision. NOTE..... if you own a cloth mouse pad and want this mouse then it will be of good use as a coaster because this mouse will ONLY work as described on a hard granulated clean black(of preference) surface!. Do this test, on my pad i blow on the mouse and it moves all the way accross my screen!.

The "Cool" features of the mouse are the lights and the amount of buttons. There is a logo on the back of the mouse wich you will not see until you boot your computer, then it lights up and does like a breathing movement like its alive and the middle mouse button also lights up and the ilumination is even so it makes for a nice clean look and you have a choice of 2 colors, blue or white (i took the white one :)). There are 9 usable buttons, 2 on each sides (thumb and pinky), 2 on top right over the mouse wheel and of course the right and left click. The 10th button is under the mouse and is used to switch profiles from 1 to 5. Each and every button is configurable through the panel and can be assigned to praticaly anything including key combination eg.... ctrl+alt+L in a single click!.

The mouse has also a 6' cord wich is tangle proof and gold plated usb port tip for better conduction (in my opinion this does nothing since it is only on the outer casing of the plug)

The technology, this mouse is equipped with a 3G laser capable of dishing out 4000DPI @ 1000Hz sensitivity and all this in a millisecond of time!, this means that you could run with it for about 60' and it will not loose a single pixel so yes its perfect for fast movement!, please dont try this at home .

Further more, it has an onboard 32k synapsis memory for your control panel settings, this means that you can program your mouse go to your friends and still have the same configuration you have at home wich is great if you do gaming comp. (please note that all razer products has this feature). This feature is also used to "flash" your mouse with new upcoming firmware wich is a breeze to achieve.


The low down....

The jumping (moving) issue has been fixed on the most part in the firmware version 1.64 and remaining issues will be fixed in version 2.00. Although i dont have the not booting up issue i have seen enough users having this problem. The problem with "moving while clicking" described by my friend up there also has been fixed in 1.64 so make sure that if your mouse is shipped with firmware 1.00 that you update to 1.64 stat!. (note... on older games with the firmware v1.58 and up the mouse "lags" and to my knowledge this will also be fixed in the v2.00 firmware)

The mouse is big, and long but you can still hold it pretty well to the point that my 11 year old daughter can and loves to play ut3 and 2004 with this mouse so its a question of taste.

Support is crap and there is nothing else to say about it, although there are some razer related forums willing to help users but are in no way connected with the razer company itself.

Once you got the feel of it, updated your firmware and played with the settings to set it up to your likings then this will be the best mouse you even owned and own YOU WILL!

When the mouse came out i gave it a 3/10

But since everyting is fixed i give it a 8/10

It was a grass snake when it came out but quicly became the Lachesis it was supposed to be..........

Im out!


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