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Originally Posted by nakano2k1 View Post
I understand that from a "bottom line" aspect, NVidia's play on the situation was good for them, good for their shareholders and possibly good for the future of the company in the short run, but what about the people who buy the products that they produce? I know that product loyalty doesn't really exist in the PC world, but c'mon...

I know that the whole battle between AMD and NVidia is really symbiotic and that we need both of them in order to advance the process of GPU development and also to keep prices in check (Once again NVidia charging TONS of money for their 8 series cards when ATI's 3000 series were total flops). I know that ATI would most likely turn around and stab me and everyone else in the back if it proved to be profitable. I guess it's just been the recently that NVidia has been bugging me. Ever since the 8 series pricing, then the laptop GPU issues, then the 9 series rehashing, then the 200 series over pricing, then the wooden fermi "demo model", then the 400 series issue and now the release of brand new cards that are essentially rehashes of the old fermi's bit with enhanced cooling (vapor) and better voltage / wattage control.

Why didn't they implement these changes in the beginning!? They were already so far behind on their fermi roadmap. You would think that with all the delays and so on that they would have made it up to their customers by going a little extra and releasing something worth while? Not some overheating, power suckling monstrosity of a card that barely beat / stuck with ATI cards that were released months earlier.
I agree to an extent that it would have been a better overall ideal if the 500 was the first series, however we get what we get because they needed market share in the DX11 place. End of the day we get an awesome midrange 460 that fits the bill for the vast majority of people out there. ATi is not out of the woods either in these regards. Look at the massive supply bottleneck they had on a manufacturing process that didn't have the ability to keep up. There were a lot of shortages in the inital stages. Fermi's process was plauged by poor yields as well and that is what held them back to some degree too.

Nature of the Market.


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