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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Rison View Post
oh, and sorry for shitting up your thread 10e - I was just thinking out loud. Bringing up folding and SR-2 in these forums hits a nerve! :)

If I had more vacation time, i'd join in at the pub guys.. my wife wants to drive up to Toronto / area to see her friends and whatnot.. alas, no vaca til next year.

And as I said on NCIX fourms, thats an impressive setup. :D
That'd be cool if you could make it but either way, yer OK by me Rison (...cough, folding defector, ...cough)

You didn't "crap up" anything. I know BullDozer is coming, with 16 core CPUs probably clocked higher, use less power and have better IPC (instructions per second), PPW, and likely quite a bit better FPU performance, which is really the most important thing for folding@home.

This is why I'll hold on to my Asus KGPE-D16 duallie for a while as it's supposed to be BD compatible with a BIOS upgrade. Who knows it might become my main PC

I also realize this is a cost-prohibitive thing for a great many people. It's fun to show and share. We are all a bunch of folding geeks and it's a cool thing to compare and contrast multi-cpu boxes as they are really uncommon things, and the SR-2 thing has been well publicized in the F@H and performance world..

It's not an e-peen thing for me because I spread my nearly 100m points over 3 teams now (37412, 33, 54196). I'm even curious how it would work if I cut it up in 16 and 32 cores and folded on it for two or three teams at the same time and see what times-per-frame would be.

The whole cores vs. threads comparison in folding makes it look like there is no difference, but in other things outside folding@home, it makes a big difference (VMWare, HPC, etc...)

It's just cool that folding@home scales almost 100% perfectly from 24 to 48 cores. Of course I still like the multi hex core approach with a hex-core in three or four boxes, because then you don't put all your eggs in one basket.

Consider the SR-2 the backup to my Quad and the Quad the backup to my SR-2 for folding

Originally Posted by Xeven View Post
They should be good to at least 3.85Ghz (disregarding the SR-2s craziness if you're unlucky). I guestimate 145K-147K for a P6900/P2686 which is decent enough I guess. Less PPD of course, but the initial cash outlay is also < 50% compared to the quad Opterons. This is probably helpful to most people.

I'm not undervaluing 10e's system of course. But I think his is more of an exercise in curiosity and circumstance. The more "practical" system IMO is the SR-2. But then let's face it, neither of these systems will make your wallet any happier.
My best units hit 147K with my 3.9Ghz SR-2 box. I might be able to do better with faster timings or RAM, but then I run the risk of dropping DIMMs and negating the speed upgrade by having problems disabling NUMA.

The overclocking aspect is a double edged sword. It's cool and gives you a feeling of accomplishment, but it can also be the most frustrating thing to get to a good level on a dual-CPU box.

Really at the end of the day SR2 and triple or quad boxes are not at all pragmatic, practical things, but it's a helluva lotta fun to compare.

Guys like numbers and we can get our "bearings" in the performance world by seeing how the numbers vary. For example having 24 threads at 3.9Ghz vs 48 threads/cores at 1.9Ghz gives us an understanding on what gives more POWA and how folding scales.

Neat stuff. And OF COURSE it's a lot more of a help to our fellow man than just running lame benchmarks all the time. I plan to do this too, I just don't know what benchies that scale up to 48 cores outside of maybe some HPC or VMark benchies.

Originally Posted by LarkStarr View Post
why were you at that hospital? nothing bad I hope? O.O

(I go to UOIT / Durham)
Wireless Survey! My health is great for my ripe 40 years on this mis-begotten ball of dirt and manure!

I had to do this before the end of the week as it was in the mental ward (where I belong based on my folding and spending habits)

Xeven: How about 10^8.450980400142567e-001 -as a possible replacement for "10e"
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