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Originally Posted by WillieMammoth View Post
Yeah, I'll definitely wait until sandy bridge is released next month. As for the pump, do you have a recommendation for one? I'm only water cooling my CPU so I'm not sure if I will be needing a very strong pump for just one loop...
You won't. The CPU block you have isn't particularly restrictive, and any of the common pumps will be up to the task.

The top you have listed there is for the Laing D5 (aka Swiftech MCP655) pump, which is a very popular pump. The top isn't technically needed, but it offers a small performance increase, and the flexibility to use barbs and tubing other than the pump's stock 1/2" size. Another pump worth looking at is the Laing DDC series, which have several models out these days, and are often rebanded as Swiftech MCP350 (average), MCP355 (stronger), and most recently MCP35X (strong+aftermarket top+PWM control). If you do go with an MCP350 or 355, you'll want to look into an aftermarket top, as those pumps benefit a great deal from them.
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